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Our specialty...

-Tax Returns - Business and Personal

-Year Round Tax Advisory and Accounting for Self Employed

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"Why am I looking for a CPA today???

1. Gotta file my tax returns

2. I'm tired of using TurboTax and doing it myself

3. I can never get a hold of my tax guy

4. I got a big tax bill and I ain't doing that sh** again

5. I need financials for a mortgage, loan, etc.

6. I'm not 100% confident I'm getting all the deductions I should be

Talk To My Future Tax Guys

Are You A... 

-Real Estate Investor

(with a one or more full time TCs, assistants, agents, etc)

-Home Services Owners

(Electricians, cleaners, construction, etc with at least one part time employee or VA)

-Restaurant Owner

(open at least one year)

-SAAS Owner

(with five or more full time US based engineers)

Why Clients Love Paying Us

To Do Their Taxes and Accounting


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Adam Quick

Real Estate Investor

San Diego, CA

I've been tax "unworried" now for the first time since 2015.

"How do I hire you guys?" 

That's a buying question if I've ever heard one ;) 


Have us review your tax returns

For you to get good advice, we gotta start with solid numbers. 

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Meet with us for a half hour or so to go over your returns. And yes, we'd love to earn your business and be your new tax advisors.

Just like your first car, wedding dress, or house, this is an investment you're happy to make.

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Talk To My Future Tax Guys

Allow Us To (Re) Introduce Ourselves


PNT Advisors

(The facelift of JT Pells Accounting Services and Thompson Tax Group)

JT Pells, CPA

"9/9 On The Immaculate Grid"

-pimped a home run in his final college at bat

-on a mission to surf all four oceans

-knows Salsa, Bachata, and the Soulja Boy

Drew Pells, glue guy

"Han shot first"

-semifinalist at China Int'l Comedy Festival 2017

-will visit all six Disneylands in his life

-finishes a Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds

Joshua Thompson, EA


"Shoes last me years"

-served in the Marines 

-hopes to finish the entire IRS tax code this century

-makes the best homemade pizza crust

Gelli Sumague,

Staff Accountant


(picture coming soon)

VIBE Magazine's

Tax & Accounting Firm Of The Year (2027) 

Talk To My Future Tax Guys